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Turn Your Grandmothers Coat into a Vintage Luxury!  Keep the memories and enjoy a functional heirloom. ❤​

Spring is just around the corner!

As we continue in this cold snap there doesn't seem to be a shortage of luxury blankets  on the go. There is nothing warmer and the versatility is endless....back of the couch, a bench, a chair, end of the bed, the cottage, back yard fires well into the fall and even in your vehicle as part of your emergency kit. 

 Got an old fur coat? not sure what to do with it? Let BVL help you  turn your vintage coats into magic. Keep the memories enjoy a functional heirloom. 

much love


Endless Possibilities

Turn your vintage furs into something beautiful and functional with help from Bella's Vintage Luxuries in Edmonton, Alberta! Here, we can turn an old coat into a vintage heirloom in the form of a beautiful pillow, luxury throw,  Russian hat, or poncho. Upgrade the look of your tables by topping it with a vintage cowhide or mink! 

Whether you’re looking for a vintage-themed event for your wedding, photoshoots, gothic ambience, and more, you can count on us to help you!

While you can choose from one of our gorgeous readymade designs, we will also customise your project as well. Contact us and let’s discuss your ideas!

Your Choice for custom & professional Up Cycling of your vintage textiles.

Our business has been around since 2015.  We are  focused on providing only the best quality products to meet your expectations. We have a variety of offerings that you can choose from and our customer service is second to none. 

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